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    That's right....we are bananas about dogs! We love dogs! We like to have fun and we are great at what we do!  You can relax knowing your pup is being loved and cared for by professional groomers with many years of valuable experience. Our goal is to bring our customers a better exceptional dog grooming experience that revolves around accomplished professional groomers, premium quality all natural products, and excellent customer service. Our professional groomers give your pets the highest level of care, because we treat all pets with love and kindness just as if they were our own! 

Debbie truly is in a class of her own. With over 40 years of grooming at a professional level, Debbie has seen it all and can do it all! Debbie is well versed in the many different breeds and the many different grooming styles. Debbie has groomed an impressive list of dogs throughout her career and she has also has been involved in dog showing circuit. In fact, one her past dogs was an AKC Champion Curly Coated Retriever that was awarded at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Debbie loves dogs and she currently owns two beautiful animals named Traveler (a Curly Coat) and Newman (a Lab). It would be easy to go on and on here about Debbie but we suggest you making an appointment and finding out for yourself. 



David started his career in Richmond and he is now a consummate professional with 17 years of dog grooming experience. He is like our own Mr. Miyagi of dog groomers as he also practices and teaches his own style of martial arts. He is very centered, extremely patience, he is amazingly kind to animals, and most of all he is an excellent groomer that is guaranteed to provide any beautiful style requested. Animals sense David's good nature and they love him back. David is also a lover of the arts. He enjoys playing guitar with his band and moonlights as a photographer for hire as well. So If you also need a great photo of you and your pup then give him a call.



Chris is new to grooming but he is an old soul. Chris is a self proclaimed dog whisper and is always ready to try to earn a dog's admiration. His main duties while working onboard the The Pup Wash are just that...washing the pups! Well...actually...we make him drive the van too! You might hear Chris making baby talk to all the fur babies but we promise you he is not crazy...he just loves your dog!



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